How To Improve Employee Engagement For Remote Employees?

Remote working has become quite popular in recent years since the beginning of the pandemic. So, if you also have employees working remotely in your organization then it is your responsibility to engage them in the best way possible. For this, you can also take help from a motivational keynote speaker. Such speakers can help in engaging your employees through their powerful words. They can help in understanding what the employees are struggling with and can provide the right solutions to them in the best way possible.


Host casual hangouts

It is essential to maintain regular communication within the team through various methods. It can be through calls, emails, messages, and much more. Once in a while, you can arrange virtual get-togethers or casual hangouts for team members. This is because most of them do not get the bonding time that they usually get when they work from the office. So, during such hangouts, they can communicate with each other and can bond over other things. This would help in keeping them engaged and help them stay excited to work with their peers.

Make employees feel heard

Even if your employees are not in the office with you, you should be thankful for what they do for the organization. For instance, if an employee has a work anniversary, you can organize a virtual lunch for them where all their team members can congratulate them and can make them feel valued because of their contribution to the organization. You should keep the communication channels open so that these employees can easily communicate their problems or issues with you without feeling confused about who they should contact.

Ask for feedback

When employees are working remotely, their feedback is extremely important according to a leadership keynote speaker. So, you should collect feedback about how smooth the overall experience is for them and what, according to them, needs to be changed or modified. If they suggest any changes and you take action on it, you should also keep them in a loop so that they can feel important and valued. Helping them understand that their voice matters is essential especially when they are working remotely. Otherwise, they may feel like they are out of contact with the team.

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